Missing Kinks

So, what kinks haven’t you seen enough of in Sherlock fics?

Gimme a prompt, maybe it’ll make something glitter and glow and a story will be born like some sort of gay, rainbow-maned unicorn.

  1. sherlocksscarf said: Why doesn’t this have an anon option though x___x;;; right. I’d say fingering - when there is a fic actually dedicated to that, not just mentions it as sort of preparation. Also, leg humping. (Don’t judge >__o )
  2. verity-burns said: Having to be quiet… Particularly if one of them is really struggling and the other is trying to silence them, while actually delighted by it. PS Hello, sweetie :D
  3. kendallcats said: I always love glasses kinks (…because I may or may not have one……). Also violin kinks.
  4. aylathebunny said: John/Sarah/Sherlock pregnancy kink (and yes, the guys being pregnant has already been done, so lets go with the whole girl gets pregnant thing :P)
  5. tygermama said: glasses kink, chess kink, pegging, shibari, or any sex act that isn’t anal or oral
  6. allthatulovewillbcarriedaway said: Hmmm. Sherlock/John, one of them being female, pegging.
  7. eldritchnightmarecuties said: I must say there can never be enough glitter-in-their-hair-tight-leather-pants club fic.
  8. unseeliefaerie said: Also not a kink really, but Sherlock skipping crucial (obvious to him) steps when telling John something (a confession maybe?) :3
  9. afrogeekgoddess said: Gagged!John (and not gagged-because-he’s-kidnapped!John, but gagged-and-moaning-and-writhing!John). Or…perhaps some lovely mummified!Sherlock? Something with silk?
  10. lady-karasu said: I may be seconding that blindfolds thing harder than is healthy. Goes well with just realizing I apparently have a trust kink. Who knew that was a kink?
  11. tinkerpistol said: I liked your stories where John and/or Sherlock had to keep talking.
  12. livia-carica said: Oh, now this should be interesting…. ;)
  13. misterquark said: Not really a kink, but I want to see a story where John accidentally puts a kiss on the end of a text to Sherlock, who then is entirely baffled. Also, John likes music. :< He says he loves Mendelssohn in the books.
  14. mesmiranda said: Blindfolds. :>
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